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Age Unknown
Played By Bryan Hearne
Occupation Cab Driver
Full Name Zigried
Sketch(es) Crazy Taxi Driver
Parents Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Children Unnamed adopted baby
Friends Unknown
Frenemies His boss
Enemies All of his customers

Character Edit

A taxi driver, played by Bryan Hearne, gets distracted while driving customers, often resulting in them falling out of the car. He has an unplaceable accent and a seemingly endless supply of items in the front of the cab. In one episode a pregnant woman gives birth in his cab before falling out. He doesn't know where she went, and adopts the baby.

Quotes Edit

  • "Karaoke!"
  • "Kumquat!"
  • "Jerk!"
  • "Oh, Customer!"
  • "Where you go?"
  • "Ok, I take you there!"
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