Do My Thing
Music by Roger Ball
Juanita Carter
Claudio Ceuni
Kel Mitchell
Christopher Stokes
Malcolm Duncan
Stephen Ferrone
Alan Edward Gorrie
Onnie Mcintyre
Hammish Stuart
Date 1996

Watch Me Do My Thing was a song recorded for All That: The Album, by the group Immature, Smooth and Kel Mitchell as Ed. The song is the only original production to be featured on the album and was later included on Immature's Greatest Hits album released in 2001.

The music video premieres in The Music Special, and feature Ed falling through a portal into a city. He wanders around while Immature sings the song until eventually meeting up with them to do his verse. The video also features actor Johnny Brown.

The song includes a sample of Average White Band's song "School Boy Crush."

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