Tilt-a-Hurl  was a sketch that ran from season 7 to 9


The tilt-a-hurl is a rollercoaster natorius for making people vomit, usually when they reach the loopty loop. People almost always try and bring food on the ride, but are told to eat it all before getting on.


  • Ernie: Played by Kyle Sullivan, a nerdy young man who hates his job "because of the puke." Ernie will usually try and get out of the way of the vomit, use an umbrella or some other such thing, but always ends up getting barfed on.
  • Ernie's Boss: Played by Jeremy Rowley, a greasy hairy man in a wife beater who always has his gut hanging out. For some reason, he loves getting puked on. But the one thing he loves more is forcing a 12 year old boy to get barfed all over. If Ernie tries to run away when he see's the puke coming, he will usually grab him by the sweater vest and force him to stand under the stream. 
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