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PERFORMER Jamie Lynn Spears

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Thelma Stump was the cast's bodyguard. When cast members or guest stars would try and get into the greenroom she would demand to see their pass, which they usually did not have. She could usually be seen sitting in a rocking chair, knitting and singing "Aint no Sunshine When She's Gone." She was also obsessed with bacon and almost always asked people if they had any on them.

She reappeared in episode 1129, once again guarding the door asking for passes from Gabby, Aria, and Reece. She lets them in, but refuses to let in the cast of Zoey 101 until Jamie Lynn runs her off with bacon.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "Cause bacon's Goood"
  • "Name's Thelma Stump: the Oldest Bodyguard in the Business"

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