The Unreal World
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The Unreal World was a combination parody of the reality show The Real World and The Munsters. Eight different movie monsters were forced to live in a house together for a year.

Characters Edit

  • Spella: Played by Chelsea Brummet. A narcissistic witch with wild curly blonde hair. She was cold and calculating and did not care about anyone else in the house.
  • Vlad: Played by Jack DeSena, a flirtatious Vampire with the ability to turn into a bat.
  • Frankie: Played by Shane Lyons, a dimwitted Frankenstein's monster who asks everyone if they're his friend.
  • Spirit: Played by Lisa Foiles, the ghost of a cheerleader who died after doing a front flip into a barbeque fork.
  • Gabe: Played by Kyle Sullivan, a straight laced accountant who transforms into a werewolf during the full moon. He isn't aware of this however, and thinks he was just hired as the shows accountant.

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