The Adventures of Superdude A parody of the comic book character Superman. The sketch revolved around a teenage superhero (played by Kenan Thompson) whose alter ego was named Mark Cant (a possible reference to Clark Kent). His girlfriend was Penny Lane (a possible reference to Lois Lane), both characters also appearing in Dullmont Junior High School, and his main nemesis was Milk Man (a possible reference to Lex Luthor). Superdude's one weakness was being lactose intolerant (he could not be touched by dairy products), so many of his villains were dairy-themed. The highly formulaic sketches usually followed a pattern: Mark and Penny would be spending time together when bullies appear to tease and mock them. Mark runs off and transforms into Superdude (somehow, no one ever makes the connection), then dispatches the bullies, only to discover a dairy-themed villain waiting for him to make even more trouble. With the help of the local citizens, Superdude would overcome the villain and end the sketch with a horrible pun. A few notable characters appeared in Superdude sketches:

  • Mark Cant/Superdude (Kenan Thompson): The sensitive teenage superhero; his powers included flight, super-strength, and a "magnetic butt". When he introduces himself, people inevitably parody the famous "It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Superman!" into from the original Superman radio programs; they will occasionally speak in rhyme ("He's concerned! It's romaine!") or reference Kenan's other characters ("It's Miss Fingerly! It's Pierre Escargot!") After the introduction, Superdude always lists his super powers followed by tidbits of his personal life such as the fact that he's a Capricorn and enjoys laundry for the elderly. His lactose intolerance rendered him weak to attacks by all milk-based products, but he overcame this weakness to defeat his foes (Seasons 1–5).
  • Penny Lane (Angelique Bates in Seasons 1–2, Alisa Reyes in Season 3, and Christy Knowings in Seasons 4–5): Mark Cant's girlfriend and a parody of Lois Lane. She was often kidnapped and held hostage, but occasionally fought back against her captors and even helped to save Superdude on some occasions. When Mark was threatened by bullies, she would beg them not to do something horrible and specific ("You're not going to throw him into that display of tomatoes, are you?"), which they would always do. (Seasons 1–5)
  • Sweaty Woman (Lori Beth Denberg): A large lady who always began sweating profusely when Superdude appeared (this was apparently one of his powers). She often yelled out useful information and babbling questions, and occasionally produced objects from her person such as a pitcher of milk or a blow dryer (Seasons 3–4)
  • The Explaining Girl (Katrina Johnson in Seasons 1–3, Amanda Bynes in Seasons 4–5): In every Superdude sketch, someone would not know what "lactose intolerant" meant, and a little girl would appear from extremely odd places (such as inside a freezer, from inside a grocery display, or a barrel in a western bar) to explain it. She would also help Superdude if he was drenched by milk or any other dairy products. After the villain was defeated, the Explaining Girl would say "You're the best Superdude, even if you are lactose intolerant" and Superdude would proceed to hug her. (Seasons 1–5)
  • Milk Man (Josh Server): Superdude's recurring nemesis that uses milk-based weapons. His crimes include kidnapping Santa Claus and creating a "funny milk" that made everyone laugh uncontrollably (a nod to the Joker's Joker venom). He claimed that his ultimate goal was to "bother people all over the world," but his villainous plots were always foiled by Superdude and the local citizens (Seasons 1–3)
  • Butter Boy (Kel Mitchell): A villain in a butter suit. He is Milk Man's "butter-in-law." Butter Boy was melted by Superdude's heat vision and his head was sent flying. (Season 2)
  • Yo Gurl (Kel Mitchell): A female villain made of yogurt who attacks by throwing the contents of a giant yogurt cup and self-proclaimed "Queen of Acedopolis." Apparently, she deliberately sought out Superdude because "she's evil and made out of milk," and attacking a lactose-intolerant hero "seemed like the right thing to do." She was frozen by Superdude's cold breath. (Season 3)
  • Imposter Superdude (Amanda Bynes): A little girl who pretended to be Superdude to rob a bank. She had no superpowers, but still managed to trick the populace into believing she was him. Penny Lane suggested dumping a pitcher of milk on the two, pointing out that only the real Superdude would be "horribly damaged" by this attack. Thanks to the Sweaty Woman and her blow dryer, though, Superdude was able to dry off in time to catch the fake. (Season 3)
  • Cow Boy (Kel Mitchell): An outlaw cowboy dressed as a cow who attacks with milk out of his udders. Superdude defeated him by tying up his udders, creating massive pressure that caused him to explode. (Season 4)
  • The Dairy Godfather (Josh Server): A crime boss who is the godfather of all dairy and has a Marlon Brando-type accent. He owns a turtle for a pet and arranged for the capture of Penny Lane as part of his plot to eliminate Superdude and take over the city's dairy supplies. Unlike the other Superdude villains, the Dairy Godfather is assisted by his henchmen (played by Leon Frierson, Mark Saul, and an unnamed actor). (Season 5)
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