This sketch stars talk show hosts Buzz (Kyle Sullivan) & Kaffy (Lisa Foiles) who interview people or special guests. The two hosts are constantly hopped up on sugar and coffee, and act accordingly. The set contains two large dispensers, one of sugar and one of coffee, which Buzz and Kaffy pour into their mouths, and then the mouths of their guest. In the 10th anniversary, they appear at Coach Kreeton's house and give him sugar and coffee. In one episode sugar and coffee turns a fern into the man eating plant from "Little Shop of Horrors." Buzz and Kaffy have several catchphrases, including "Gooood Mooorning!!", "Sugar and Coffee!" and "Hey Buzz!" "Yes Kaffy!?" In one episode Kyle's glasses fall off when he knocks over Ms. Piddlin, you can see him looking for them and putting them back on, this was left in the show. This sketch runs from Seasons 7-10 
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  • Buzz: Played by Kyle Sullivan. Male co-host of the show. Like Kaffy he is hyperactive and never stops moving. If he gets hyper enough he will sometimes crash into walls. He gets so excited when guests come on that he will run over to them and hug them, which usually knocks them to the ground. The fireman (Tony Hawk) however actually caught him when he jumped into his arms. He wears a red suit with a blue shirt underneath.
  • Kaffy: Played by Lisa Foiles. Female co-host of the show. Like Buzz she is is hyperactive and never stops moving. She will often flip her pigtails around when excited. She wears a blue suit with a red shirt underneath.


  • Frankie Muniz was the first guest star to appear in the sketch, and Buzz and Kaffy ask him what it's like to be on "Malcolm in the Middle." Ironically, Kyle Sullivan at the time played Malcolm's friend Dabney Hooper, and Lisa Foiles played Mallory, the female version of Malcolm in one episode.