Next episode: TLC

*Green Room-Kenan's Nervous: Kenan is so nervous before the show starts that he literally begins pouring with sweat.

*Cooking With Randy And Mandy: Randy (Kenan) and Mandy (Angelique) host their own cooking show, where they teach their audience the benefits of cooking with chocolate.

*Earboy (Josh) is very unpopular at school. Probably because his ears are the size of Mars. But once he gets an earring in that huge ear of his, popularity becomes his.

*Dr. K (Kel) is joined by Bill Cosby (Kenan) and together they answer parents' questions about their kids. Most of Cosby's advice pertains to giving children lots of "yellow puddin'".

*Vital Information with Lori Beth Denberg (debut)

*Good Burger (debut): Ed (Kel) is a bad cashier at Good Burger. He messes up a girl's (Katrina) order, takes a sip of a girl's (Alisa) shake, and asks a girl if there is anything up his nose.

*More Vital Information.

*The cast members want to get Da Brat's autograph before she performs, but not on paper. They want it on their underwear, their hamburger, and even their grandmother

*Musical Guest: Da Brat - performance: "Fa All Y'all"&nbsp