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Age 11
Played By Bryan Hearne
Occupation Student at Bogshwartz Academy
Full Name Reron
Sketch(es) Harry Bladder
Parents Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Children none
Friends Harry Bladder


Frenemies Sacko

Professor Chaffs

Enemies Lord Moldyshorts

Character Edit

He is a cross between Ron Weasley and Rerun Stubbs from What's Happening. He has an orange afro and wears suspenders like those of Stubbs. He is extremely defencive of his friends and is the only character who isn't afraid of Professor Chaffs or Lord Moldyshorts.

Quotes Edit

  • "Here comes Harry Bladder!"
  • "Yo, Professor Chaffs, why you always gotta be so mean?"
  • "That's messed up!"