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Season 7, Episode 2

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Kyle wants Melissa Joan Hart to demonstrate her magic powers, but she explains that only her character, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, can do that. Kyle then asks for a kiss, which Melissa agrees to, after using her magic powers to turn Kyle into a hunk.


  • Crazy Taxi Driver
  • The Difference Between Girls and Guys: How girls burp and how guys burp.
  • Harry Bladder: Harry Bladder and the Chafed Professor. Professor Chafes tells the students to create a magic lotion to cure his chafed thighs. Once he leaves, Sacko attempts to throw a magic lotion on Harry, which misses, hitting Herhiney, enlarging her rear end. Harry tries a counter lotion, which gives Sacko large breasts. Sacko again tries to hit Harry with a lotion, he ducks and it hits Reron, enlarging his hair. Harry's next lotion misses Sacko and hits Chafes just as he walks in. It cures his chafed thighs, but only temporarily as it turns him into a bra moments later, which Sacko takes.
  • Bloopers: While filming the Crazy Taxi Driver sketch, Bryan gets pulled over and Jack finds a duck in his pants.
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