Mavis and Clavis
PERFORMER Kenan Thompson (Mavis)
Kel Mitchell (Clavis)

Mavis and Clavis are two elderly hecklers of the show. They tend to appear independent of sketches, and to introduce Musical Guests. They also reappeared during the 100th Episode Live! and the 10th Anniversary.

While they often appear together, Clavis in particular has appeared without Mavis, when he helped Baggin' Saggin' Barry, to "rech down into his pants, and pull out the stuff he never knew he had." In one episode, it was revealed that Clavis is the cousin of Coach Kreeton.

When they do appear in sketches, they are just as unhelpful as out, and often the cause of an issue, or refuse to help.

They can be heard at the end of every episode up until Season six during the Tollin-Robbins Productions vanity plate. Mavis will yell "Hey Clavis, wake up! The show is over," to which Clavis responds "Oh yeah, kick it!"


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