Marie Kiddo
PERFORMER Kate Godfrey
DEBUT 1101
Ep 1101-7

Marie Kiddo is a girl who teaches her viewers how to get rid of stuff by destroying them. She is a parody of Marie Kondo. In the skits featuring her, she is at a place that she feels needs decluttering (so far, a house and principal's office have been featured).

Marie asks the owner of that place if the particular item brings joy or not. If the item brings them joy, it is kept. If it does not, Marie destroys the item in various ways including throwing it against the wall, sledgehammer, chainsaw, jackhammer, etc.

Marie always shouts her catchphrase, "DESTROY!!!" before destroying something. The skits with her usually end with the largest scale of destruction (wrecking ball or a truck plowing through the wall) and the place itself overall being heavily destroyed.


Picture Episode Description
Ep 1101-8
Episode 1101 Marie helps Danielle decide what to get rid of. However, she causes massive destruction.
Ep 1106-2
Episode 1106 Marie Kiddo helps Principal Grimley clear his office.
Ep 1110-1
Episode 1110: CNCO Marie Kiddo destroys Chad and Randy's boy's-only Treehouse.
Ep 1124-3
Episode 1124: Queen Naija Marie Kiddo helps Professor Doom declutter his evil lair, including launching his evil rocket meant for Planet Klorgon.
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