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"I was arrested two times, two times my friend!"

Know Your Stars is a short sketch that ran from Seasons 7-10, the announcer says 3 "facts" about a cast member which are not true. The cast member becomes defensive and angry and wants to not do it again. In later seasons, the announcer got more malicious, even attempting to murder some of the cast members. He tried to drop a rock on Christina Kirkman's head and hypnotized Kyle Sullivan, causing him to inflict harm on himself. And by "inflicting harm on himself", he was told to act like a chicken, drop his pants, and dance; not necessarily in that order.

Brian Peck served as the announcer for the segment, until his sexual assault conviction, leading to Dan Schneider taking over.

Memorable "Facts" Edit

Picture Cast Member/ Guest Star Wrong Facts
Amanda Bynes "She's just plain dumb", "Keeps her underwear in the freezer." "Her favorite subject is math."
Bryan Hearne "Has a voice only dogs can hear", "Once ate his own head" "Once swallowed a lawn mower.", "Loves to drink hamster juice." "He has a cat named 'Fudge Face.'" "Captain of the All That chess team." "Likes to wear perfume." "Likes to kiss himself in the mirror." "He was born in Japan." "His butt is also a radio."
Britney Spears "Likes her peanut butter chunky", "Is half girl, half robot, half ravioli", "Hasn't brushed her teeth in six months."
Jamie Spears "President of Mexico", "She's an only child", "She stole that dress", "She has a full beard", "Rides to work on a dolphin." "Once punched a guy for snoring." "Thinks I'm cute." "I'm sorry, but I'm already dating someone." "The world's best Mexican president." "Loves to chew raw meat."
Chelsea Brummet "Her nickname is Nakka Nakka Nakka Nakka Nakka Poo." "She's in the third grade." "Her favorite food is liver." "She loves country music." "Married a kangaroo." "Loves to play in garbage." "She's allergic to cats." "She can tie her own tongue in a knot." "The sound of her voice puts people to sleep." "She loves to go the middle of the night. "She has no tongue." "In love with her own tongue." "Uses her tongue to tell lies. "Has a big booger." "She stars on the hit show 'That's All.'" "She has an orange duck in her pants." "Liar." "Now you know Chelsea Brummet; 'The girl who keeps an orange duck in her pants but won't give him soup.'"
Shane Lyons "Favorite sport is girls soccer", "Loves to play with his belly button lint", "Arrested three times," "His favorite dessert is fish cream," "Collector of old scabs," "His father is a chipmunk."
Jack DeSena "His bike still has training wheels." "Likes to collect diapers." "His first word was 'macaroni." "Currently dating the hottest girl in school" "Not as cool as I thought" "My only son." "You're grounded, young man."
Giovonnie Samuels "Her middle name is 'Loofa.'" "Still needs help tying her shoes." "Washes her hair with ketchup." "She loves cheese." "She's actually a 37 year old man named Henry." "Henry loves to drink out of toilets."
Denzel Whitaker "Denzel Vinegar." "Darnell Spit-Licker." "His name is Doorknob Fiffiffer." "Doombar Fig-Popper."
Ryan Coleman "He's icky and dumb." "You are too icky and dumb." "Picks on little children." "You're still icky and dumb." "He smells funny, too." "He's icky, dumb, and smells funny." (The second time Ryan was on Know Your Stars, the announcer made it sound like he was having a party with all the other cast members. Ryan thought he was the only cast member that was uninvited, until Kyle randomly walked in the room and Ryan realized there was no party. He then left the room angry and Kyle sat in the chair, but all he got was "Kyle Sullivan... Get out.")
Kyle Sullivan "He's getting very sleepy." "Is falling into a deep, deep sleep." "In 3 seconds, he'll do whatever I say." "Act like a chicken." "Dance." "Drop your pants." "Now you know Kyle Sullivan; 'The Pantless Dancing Chicken.'"
Lisa Foiles "Loves to play hopscotch." "Thinks Abraham Lincoln was hot." "Thinks the producers of All That are idiots." "Born in Nebraska." "Has furry feet." "Favorite dessert: squirrel pie."
Kianna Underwood "Loves to talk about herself." "The most impatient girl in the world." "Gets all upset when people aren't talking about her." "Kianna, Kianna, Kianna." "Her favorite hamburger topping is baby snot." "Refuses to pay for her meal. That's stealing."
Christina Kirkman "She was voted the smelliest kid in America." "She gargles with chicken fat." "Has a scar on her knee from a bike accident." "Has a scar on her wrist from when she fell off a trampoline." "Has a scar on her head for when she got hit with a big rock." "She's afraid to be hit in the head with a big rock."
Totally Kyle "He has three heads." "His pants are full of spaghetti."

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