Joshua Aaron "Josh" Server (born 4/11/79) is an American actor and comedian, as well as the only All That cast member to stay on the show through all six original seasons. Server received a call from his agent to
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audition for All That. He went through several auditions to make the cut, but after 5-6 attempts he became an official original cast member. He also co-starred in the Good Burger film alongside fellow alumni Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell
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Josh as Earboy

He was also a Figure It Out panelist from 1997 to 1998, and in 1999 he appeared in Alex Mack's season three finale. He also appeared in the series premiere of The Amanda Show alongside Kenan. After Josh and the final members of the original All That cast left, Josh went on to host Oh Yeah! Cartoons for its third season.

He then made a guest appearance on 100 Deeds for Eddie McDowd in 2002. He then returned to All That for the All That 10th Anniversary Reunion Special, reprising several of his characters. He also guest starred in an episode of Drake & Josh in 2006--also in its third season. The same year he starred in the Laugh Out Loud web series alongside Kenan, and he made an appearance in Ned's Declassified--also during season 3.

Josh was born in Highland Park, IL; a younger sister was born four years later. He is good friends with his fellow cast members, alongside Drake Bell, Josh Peck, and Miranda Cosgrove. Josh also stated in All That: Fresh Out the Box, a 1998 collector's guide, that he enjoys working out, visiting the beach, rollerblading, and going to the movies.

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