Harry Bladder
Age 11
Played By Kyle Sullivan
Occupation Student at Bogshwartz Academy
Full Name Harry Bladder
Sketch(es) Harry Bladder
Parents Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Children Unknown
Friends Reron


Principal Pimpell

Frenemies Sacko

Professor Chaffs

Enemies Lord Moldyshorts


Harry Bladder appears in the sketches of the same name. A parody of Harry Potter, he has a scar in the shape of a chicken wing on his forehead. Harry Potter got his scar when he survived an attack from Voldemort as a baby, Harry Bladder's scar is never explained. Also unlike Harry Potter, he speaks in an incredibly high pitched voice, which could possibly be an attempt at a British accent. 


"I especially enjoyed Herhiney." (her hiney)

"Does anyone have a squid? Then let us play squididge!"

"Your pimpel, is Lord Moldyshorts's head!"

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