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"Harry Bladder" was a sketch that ran from season 7. It was a parody of the then new Harry Potter series of films.


Harry Bladder and his friends attend Bogshwartz Academy where they play Squiditch, learn to make magic lotions and battle the evil Lord Moldyshorts. Instead of broomsticks, Harry Bladder travels via magic leaf blower.


  • Harry Bladder: Played by Kyle Sullivan. A parody of Harry Potter, he has a scar in the shape of a chicken wing on his forehead. Harry Potter got his scar when he survived an attack from Voldemort as a baby, Harry Bladder's scar is never explained. Also unlike Harry Potter, he speaks in an incredibly high pitched voice, which could possibly be an attempt at a British accent. 
  • Reron: Played by Bryan Hearne, he is a cross between Ron Weasly and Rerun Stubbs from What's Happening. He has an orange afro and wears suspenders like those of Stubbs. He is extremly defensive of his friends and is the only character who isn't afraid of Professor Chafes.
  • Herhiney: Played by Lisa Foiles, a parody of Hermione Granger. Much like Hermione she is a know-it-all and does not like to break the rules. Unlike Hermione, however, she doesn't know all that much about magic
  • Sacko: Played by Shane Lyons, a parody of Draco Malfoy. Most of Sacko's lines are shouted at the top of his lungs. He hates Harry and his friends for seemingly no reason, and does not possess Malfoy's predjeduce of Muggles and Mudbloods. His hair is spiked up with gel, as opposed to Malfoy's slicked back hair in the first movie.
  • Professor Chafes: A parody of Professor Snape. Unlike cold, calculating and reserved Snape, Chafes will often scream directly into the kids' faces and declare that he hates children. Where as Snape was the Potions professer, Chafes teaches Magical Lotions Class. His name comes from the fact that he has incredibly chafed thighs. He tasks his students with creating a cure. Harry Bladder's potion cures him, but also later turns him into a bra.
  • Principel Pimpell: Portrayed by Kenan Thompson, A parody of Professor Albus Dumbledore. He has a pimple on his face named Lord Moldyshorts.
  • Lord Moldyshorts: A parody of Lord Voldemort, he lives in Principel Pimpell's pimple.
  • Professor McGargle: Portrayed by Amanda Bynes, a parody of Professor McGonagall. She gargles audaciously when she drinks her water.
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