Game Show sketches are a common type of sketch appearing on All That. Typically the rules are rather arbitrary or difficult to logically follow, and will leave at least one player bewildered, while another player and the host have no issue.

Picture Game/Episode Description
Ep 1101-2

Ep 1101-3

Ep 1101-4
Masked Video Game Dancer: Celebrity Edition
Episode 1101: The Jonas Brothers
Nick Cannon (Lex Lumpkin) hosts this game show where the judges, Beyonce (Gabrielle Nevaeh Green), Ariana Grande (Nathan Janak), & Dwane "The Rock" Johnson (Chinguun Sergelen), guess what celebrities are behind the mask dancing.
Ep 1103--2
Episode 1103: Kane Brown
Dell Devine hosts "Simplicity," the world's easiest Game Show
Ep 1105-3
Boo’d Up
Episode 1105: The Cast of Henry Danger/Ella Mai
Ella Mai tries to find a ghost to haunt her house.
Ep 1107-1
Episode 1107: Ciara
"Simplicity” returns, with host Dell Divine still giving returning loser Larry a hard time.
Ep 1115-3

Ep 1115-4
Stay Off Your Phone
Episode 1115: AJ Mitchell
A game show where contestants, Amber, Sarah, and Jordan have to stay off of their phones. Amber forfeits immediately, while Sarah and Jordan tough it out to round two, where Sarah can't resist the temptation to not take a slefie with Barack Obama near a double rainbow. Jordan however also loses when he gets on his phone to tell people he won.
Ep 1120-01
Episode 1120: Bad Bunny
27 time loser, Larry VanHalen returns yet again, but manages to win when he sticks his hand in the lucky bear trap. Unfortunately for him, the rules state that every 28 games the winner, not the loser, has to return.
Ep 1122-2
Stay Off Your Phone
Episode 1122: Why Don't We
Chelsea, her Mom and James compete to see who can stay off their phones, despite trendng topics, listening to a boring person tell a story, a cat dressed like Ariana Grande, and Ariana Grande dressed like a cat.
Ep 1131-1
Stay Off Your Phone
Episode 1131: HRVY
Will, Ian and Lorraine compete to see who can stay off their phones, despite a series of new apps, waiting for food at Kantsuya, and getting a surprise appearance from the cast of Stranger Things.

Other sketchesEdit

  • Episode 0109: Soul 4 Real: What's in the Box?: In a game show, contestants must try to figure out what item is concealed a box. The host (Josh Server) keeps his cool until one insane contestant (Lori Beth Denberg) can't determine what round, orange-colored fruit used to make juice is concealed inside. As she repeatedly makes inane guesses, the host gradually goes crazy trying to get her to get the right answer.
  • Episode 0219: Shai: Let's Get Messy: A game show where kids get their parents extremely messy.
  • Episode 0317: Az Yet: Family vs. Family (The Kopelows vs. the Maroons): The Maroons go against the Kopelows in this game show. The Kopelows are named after the stage manager Kevin Kopelow.
  • Episode 0507: Mýa: Best Friends Forever Show: A show where you win prizes if you let the host (Kenan) do something horrible to your best friend which involved either being tickled, having some of your teeth ripped out, having honey put on your face where a polar bear licks it, and even be shot into space.

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