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Everyday French with Pierre Escargot was a sketch featuring Pierre Escargot, a man sitting in a bathtub filled with suds, wearing a rain coat and matching hat and swimfins on his feet. In the sketch, Pierre would take a break from whatever he is doing (like playing an accordion or pretending to drive a car), say silly phrases in badly-pronounced fake French, and then translate them in English. The sketch was commonly used to introduce the show's musical guest.

Kenan Thompson revealed that originally the character was meant to be Hispanic, but was chenged to French when the network gave them a note that it may come off as racist.

Originally Pierre would have spoken real French, but according to Kenan, he suggested that it would be funnier if he instead spoke fake French.

Thompson later went on to play a similar character, Jean K. Jean, on Saturday Night Live where Jean has made occasional appearances at the Weekend Update desk.

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