Guest Lauv
Premiere May 16,2020
Written By James III, Tim Barnes, Steven Borzachillio, Kevin Kopelow, Liz Magee, Joey Manderino, Heith Seifert, Monica Sherer, Madeline Whitby
Director Robbie Countryman, Jonathan Judge, Sandra Restreppo, Lynda Tarryk
Prod. No. 1126

Ep 1127


Coach Kreeton teaches ping pong, the kids get trapped in a neverending tik tok dance, and Tammy is being interviewed on tv


Picture Description
Ep 1127-1
Coach Kreeton teaches a class on Ping Pong.
Ep 1127-2
Backstage: Nate, Aria and Reece get stuck in a TikTok dance, and only something uncool can save them, and right on cue Kevin enters.
Ep 1127-3
Lexy's a lazy teen who doesn't want to take a shower, fortunately the Human Car Wash allows her to get clean with no effort.
Ep 1127-4.2
Justin sings about his favorite lunchlady.
Ep 1127-5
Lifehacks with Billy and Millie: Billy protects his charging cords by using a spring from a pen to keep his cords from fraying. Millie tapes a laser pointer to a telescope to make a shrink ray. Unfortunately for Billy, it's only a shrink ray, and doesn't work the other way.
Ep 1127-6
Reporter Ava Allswell tries to get to the bottom of who painted a bikini on the statue of the city's founder. Unfortunately, the only eyewitness is Tammy, however she doesn't remember them because of her Short Term Facial Memory Loss.
Ep 1127-7
Lauv introduces his boyband of seven Lauv's. unfortunately only three other show up, the rest can't make it, so only one Lauv performs.
Ep 1127-8
Musical Guests: Lauv and Sophia Reyes perform "El Tejano"
Ep 1127-9
Outtakes and Kevin is still trapped doing his Tiktok dance twelve hours later.


Musical Guest:



Coach Kreeton, Kevin, Lexy, Lexy's Mom, Justin, Ava Allswell, Tammy, Peg


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