Guest Lauren Alaina
Premiere February 29, 2020
Written By James III, Tim Barnes, Steven Borzachillo, Kevin Kopelow, Liz Magee, Joey Manderino, Heith Seifert, Monica Sherer, Madeline Whitby
Director Jonathan Judge, Trevor Kirschner, Sandra Restreppo
Prod. No. 1121

Ep 1121


Alex teaches a new Spanish lesson; Lucy tries to control her emotions in a yoga class; Reece calls in a favor from a professional baseball player; a manager at a pizza place teaches his employees about birthdays.


Picture Description
Ep 1121-1
Denzel, the manager of Vermin Village Pizza, takes birthdays seriously, as the crew prepares for Tiana's birthday.
Ep 1121-2
Backstage: Chinguun is still attempting to break his piñata from his half birthday three weeks ago, to get the chicken nuggets inside. Reece calls in a favor from Major League Baseball player, Justin Turner, who hits the piñata to the Moon. Fortunately, he carries loose chicken nuggets in his bag.
Ep 1121-3
Hit ‘em with Spanish: Alex returns to teach Spanish to Zack, such as "Ensalada" (Salad), "Aderezo" (Dressing), "Grandes Libros Pesados" (Big Heavy Books), "Ballena" (Whale), "Oh, no! Ahora Estoy Cubierto de un Million de Lombrices viscosas" ("Oh no! Now I am covered in a million slimy earthworms") and "Luchador de Sumo" (Sumo wrestler).
Lucy Banner beyond impressed
Lucy Banner attends Miss Sage's Yoga class
Ep 1121-4
Vital Information with Reece Joy Caddell (New Opening Music)
Ep 1121-5
Bed Bath and Beyoncé: Circle that's also a fan, tiny fan that sprays water in your face, and a legend with 100,000 screaming fans
Ep 1121
Lucy is disappointment there is no caviar, and turns into a lamp. Nathan offers her some spare Tuna tartare, which makes her feel fancy, and she turns into country singer Lauren Alaina.
Ep 1121-6
Musical Guest: Lauren Alaina performs "Getting Good"
Ep 1121-7


Musical Guest:

Lauren Alaina

Guest Starring:

Justin Turner




Denzel, Vernon the Vermin, Tiana, Alex, Zack, Lucy Banner


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