Guest Bryce Vine
Premiere October 5, 2019

Ep 1111

Picture Description
Ep 1111 preview
Good Burger: Ed is confused over giving a customer (Reece) a gluten-free burger.
Ep 1111-1
Brie, still not listening to her dentist (after having teeth pulled), offers yet another disastrous makeup livestream broadcast
Ep 1111-2
A pair of rangers, Park Ranger Peggy & Ranger Rob, teach campers safety tips that don’t go too well for Rob.
Ep 1111-3
"Juice" by Miss Monica's Kindergarten Class
Ep 1111-4
A Dullmont Junior High School play, The Tragedy of King Hamlock, is interrupted by cheerleader, Darcy.
Ep 1111-5
Musical Guest: Bryce Vine performs "La La Land"


Musical Guest:

Bryce Vine


Ed, Clark, Brie, Park Ranger Peggy, Park Ranger Rob, Ms. Monica, Darcy, King Hamlock, Queen Hamlock


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