Guest CNCO
Premiere October 12, 2019

Ep 1110

Picture Description
Ep 1110-1
Marie Kiddo destroys Chad and Randy's boy's-only Treehouse.
Ep 1110-2
Dracula talks about a new phone, the "Venom X9+" with the Invisible Man.
Ep 1110-3
Bed Bath and Beyoncé: A Broom that also makes the floor wet, a blanket that weighs 50 pounds, and a pop diva that runs the world.
Ep 1110-4
Jay-Z Penny: An ice box to keep your drinks cold as ice, a clock that's always set to 4:44, and an in house portrait studio. Jay-Z Penny has 99 departments and a sale in every one.
Ep 1110-5
"We Need a Dog" by The Siblingz featuring Young Dylan
Ep 1101-10
Cancelled with Nathan: Trick or Treating
Ep 1110-6
Girl Scouts are out to collect badges.
Ep 1110-7
Vital Information with Reece Joy Caddell
Ep 1110-8
Musical Guest: CNCO performs "Pretend"


Musical Guest:



Beyoncé, Jay-Z


Marie Kiddo, Chad, Randy, Dracula, Invisible Man, Susan, Patricia, Mora, Girl Scout Leader


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Darci Lynne Farmer/The Jonas Brothers Bryce Vine
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