Guest Ciara
Premiere September 21, 2019

Ep 1107

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Ep 1107-1
Simplicity: “Simplicity” returns, with host Del Divine still giving returning loser Larry a hard time
Ep 1107-2
Storytime with Ariana Grande: the singer/actress reads the story "The Three Little Pigs, and Ari."
Ep 1107-3
Beyoncé visits detention students, and everyone bows down to the “Queen,” including the principal!
Ep 1107-4
Detective Dan and his daughter Detective Anne crash a birthday party after Magnificent Marvin makes Ann's dollar bill disappear as part of a trick, solving the case of the haunted underpants.
Ep 1107-5
Bed Bath and Beyoncé: Gloves that's also a sponge, 7,000 unscented candles, or a visual album sure to stand the test of time.
Ep 1107-6
Jay-ZPenny: Jay-Z runs his own store, selling Bluepant 1, Bluepant 2, and Bluepant 3. A tiny make-up store inside the bigger store, and all the sporting goods including the real Peyton Manning.
I Wear Everything
"I Wear Everything" by Cooper and Kyle
Musical Guest: Ciara performs "Set."


Musical Guest:


Guest Star:

Peyton Manning


Ariana Grande, Beyoncé


Del Devine, Larry VanHalen, Joan Defree Jake, Beth, Liz, Mr. Darby, Unnamed Principal, Detective Dan, Detective Anne, Magnificent Marvin, Becky, Cooper, Kyle


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Kenan Thompson/Jojo Siwa H.E.R.
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