Guest Kenan Thompson, Jojo Siwa
Premiere August 3, 2019

Ep 1106-Jojo Siwa

Picture Description
Ep 1106-1
Green Room: Kenan Thompson (his first appearance on the show since the Reunion Show in 2005) comes to visit the cast but no one knows or recognizes him, not even Kevin, Josh Server, or Kel Mitchell. they do however recognize The Big Ear of Corn, and Buttercup, the most famous horse in sketch comedy.
Ep 1101-7

Ep 1106-2
Marie Kiddo helps Principal Grimley clear his office.
Sicko Mode
Scott explains how to make a sick day "sick."
Ep 1101-10
Cancelled with Nathan: Text messages
Ep 1106-3
A school dance leads to major drama, as T@$#le!gh and Trad start dating, break up and start seeing other people.
Ep 1106-4
Bed Bath and Beyoncé: A vacuum cleaner that moves around the room and is also a robot, a toothbrush holder that sticks to stuff, and a queen.
Ep 1106-5
Musical Guest: Jojo Siwa performs “BOP!”.


Musical Guest:

Jojo Siwa




Marie Kiddo, Principal Grimley, Tammy, Scott, Nathan, Lindsay, Dante, Tony, Dustin



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