Guest Kane Brown
Premiere June 29, 2019

Ep 1103

Picture Description
Ep 1103-1
Green Room: The cast finds a large button that says “do not push”, after a short debate, Kate Godfrey runs over and pushes it dropping donuts on the cast, and imploding a building elsewhere.
Ep 1103--2
Simplicity: Dell Devine hosts "Simplicity," the world's easiest Game Show.
Positive Poppi

Positive Poppi-1
Positive Poppi: Poppi stays positive after being crushed by a gift.
Positive Poppi-2
Positive Poppi: Poppi stays positive after being crushed by cans.
Ep 1103-6
Coach Kreeton returns to Dullmont Jr. High to give a pep talk to the basketball team.
Ep 1103-3
The Silent Place Part 2 - Movie trailer parody of a quiet place.
Ep 1103-4
Literally Liza attempts to save the world from abuse of the world “Literally”.
Positive Poppi-3
Positive Poppi: Poppi stays positive after taking a shot.
Ep 1103-5
Musical Guest: Kane Brown performs ”Lose It.”


Musical Guest:

Kane Brown


Dell Devine, Linda Shnutzenberger, Larry Van Halen, Literally Liza, Carl, Darla, Positive Poppi


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