Guest Daddy Yankee
Premiere June 22, 2019

Ep 1102

Picture Description
Ep 1102-1
Green Room: The Cast can’t find the honey for the honey sketch.
Ep 1102-2
The Other Super villains aren’t impressed with Long Coat.
Bed Bath and Beyonce 1
Bed Bath and Beyoncé: Trashcans you can open with your foot, a blanket that thinks it's a dress, and an empowering anthem for girls of all ages.
Ep 1102-4
Loud Librarian: Mrs. Hushbaum returns with her hypocritical hyjinks
Ep 1102-5
Jump on down to Trampolini's, you'll be hoppy you did.
Ep 1102-6
Babies Who Brunch: Nathan, Reece, and Chinguun portray millennial babies.
Ep 1101-5
Vital Information
Bed Bath and Beyonce 2
Bed Bath and Beyonce: Machine that turns food into drinks, big picture frame divided into smaller picture frames, and a wife mother and international superstar.
Ep 1102-7
Musical Guest: Daddy Yankee performs "Con Calma"


Musical Guest:

Daddy Yankee


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