Guest B2K
Premiere September 21, 2002
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  • Green Room: The cast is searching for a new cast member they are having tryouts in the greenroom Jamie Lynn Spears comes in and is trying to impress the cast with her superpowers since that didn't work she takes out a wad of cash and the cast welcomes her.
  • Bridgett's Slumber Party: The girls try and find Bridgett's little brother Elliot a girlfriend. They have three candidates and Elliot chooses unhygenic and disinterested Sandy, but Bridgette forces him to go with Kristen instead.
  • Advice From The Old Lady in Shane´s Mouth
  • Storytime with the Osbournes: The Three Little Pigs
  • Bucketman: Jewelry Store Robbery
  • Know Your Stars: Jamie Lynn Spears
  • The Old Lady in Shane's Mouth introduces "B2K"
  • Musical Guest: B2K ("Why I Love You")


Special appearance by:

B2K ("Why I Love You")


Chelsea Brummet
Jack DeSena
Lisa Foiles
Bryan Hearne
Shane Lyons
Giovonnie Samuels
Jamie Lynn Spears
Kyle Sullivan

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