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Guest Amanda Bynes, City High
Premiere March 30, 2002


The cast is excited to meet Amanda Bynes, but Penelope Taynt: Amanda's number one fan breaks in the greenroom to meet Amanda. So, Nickelodeon agents hire Barney the Security Guard to capture her. During the Sugar and Coffee sketch, Amanda is pulled away and cannot finish the episode due to Penelope being near. Penelope then emerges from the couch and forces the security guard to have Sugar and Coffee. Later Jack attempts to hit on Amanda and Chelsea


  • Shady Airlines: A couple wants to go to Hawaii, but gets scammed by the airline who meerly use a fog machine outside the window of the plane, and then dress themselves and the airport to look like Hawaii. The couple is not convinced so they are locked in a dungeon labled "complaints office."
  • Vocabulary with Lisa: Cardboard and Enjoy



Special appearance by:

Amanda Bynes, City High


Chelsea Brummet
Jack DeSena
Lisa Foiles
Bryan Hearne
Shane Lyons
Giovonnie Samuels
Kyle Sullivan
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