Guest Tony hawk, Barenaked Ladies
Premiere February 23, 2002
Prod. No. 705
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Jack, Bryan, Chelsea and Kyle want Tony Hawk to teach them some skateboard moves. Kyle falls and Chelsea takes him off set, saying "You poor baby, Chelsea's gonna make it all better." This causes a jealous Jack to break down crying in Tony Hawk's arms. Later, Kyle Bryan and Lisa launch Shane on a catapult through Hollywood.


  • Green Room - Tony Hawk: Jack, Bryan, Chelsea, and Kyle meet Tony Hawk, and beg him to do some of his moves.
  • Sugar and Coffee
  • Catapult- Kyle, Bryan, and Lisa catapult Shane through Hollywood, into a pool.
  • Rate the Pain- Potato Masher
  • Chit Chat- Stacy Chit (Giovonnie) introduces guest Tony Hawk, but he wants to talk about knitting.
  • Wake Up Scene: A girl (Chelsea) wakes up and opens the blinds and sees a giant belly.
  • Know Your Stars: Bryan Hearne
  • Bloopers: Tony Hawk gives Giovonnie a bunch of balloons and she floats into the air.
  • Texas Girls introduce "Barenaked Ladies"
  • Musical Guest: Barenaked Ladies

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