Guest P. Diddy
Premiere February 2, 2002
Prod. No. 703

Bridgett's Slumber Party 01.png

  • Green Room: Shane is asleep and Jack and Bryan can't get him up for the show. They go to guest star P. Diddy for help.
  • Bridgett's Slumber Party: The girls talk about guys, sniff Bridgett's new scratch-and-sniff hot guy trading cards (which Claudia eats), play truth or dare, Gale dares Claudia to do a silly dance to a song (she throws the radio out of the window), Gale asks which boys Bridgett has kissed (everyone) and Bridgett asks Gale what's the worst thing she's ever done (stay up fifteen minutes past her bedtime to read a book), then Bridgett dares Gale to kiss a hot guy, which she has an abundance of in her closet.
  • Songs From the Dentist Chair
  • TR Yell w/ host Carson Daly (Jack): P. Diddy joins and introduces his new act, Lil' Fetus (Bryan), who raps from inside his mothers uterus.
  • Vocabulary With Lisa: Face and Watermelon
  • Wake Up Scene: Kyle wakes up to P. Diddy in his window.
  • Kyle is in the Principals office but cannot stop laughing.
  • Brittney in the toilet introdues "P. Diddy"

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