Premiere October 16, 1999
Prod. No. 519
  • Green Room: Luigi the Baker is a huge fan of the show, and sends over 5,000 cream pies to the kids in thanks. Kevin appears as the kids discuss what to do with all of the pies. He thinks they are going to throw them at him, but they laugh-they would never do that. Amanda then reveals that Luigi sent a cake to throw at Kevin!
  • Channel 6½ Sports: The anchors of Channel 6½ Sports (Josh and Kenan) comment as a student (Leon) takes a test in Ms. Klump's (Christy) class. Trick plays are involved-but the test is passed when the student sends in Megan Marples (Amanda), the smartest kid in school, to replace him!
  • Have a Nice Day with Leroy & Fuzz: Leroy hates doing chores, so Fuzz tries to inspire him to like them. In the end, Leroy finds one chore he enjoys...torturing Fuzz!
  • Christy and Nick hear messages from Kel's characters, Ed, Coach Kreeton, Lump Maroon & Repairman on the answering machine.

(Last Episode To Feature Kel Mitchell, but he was still credited in the seasons 4-5 opening credit sequence 'til the end of season 5)

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