Guest 3rd Storee
Premiere May 1, 1999
Prod. No. 517
  • Green Room: Some news is passed along the kids and Kevin. Soon, the message gets completely changed which ends with Abraham Lincoln falling on top of Kevin.
  • An audience member claims he doesn't like the sketch, after various changes he still says he doesn't like it. Kenan and Amanda offer to let him be in the sketch and throw him out a window.
  • Vital Information with Danny Tamberelli
  • A boy (Leon) wants to have a rock star (Josh) as a pet. But, his mom (Christy) wants him to have an accountant like his brother (Kenan).
  • Seymour Reacts to Stuff
  • The Spice Boys: While in their hotel suite, the Spice Boys have to sign autographs despite the disruption of the fans outside. They end up performing one of their songs to the hotel manager (Mark).
  • Vital Introduction Introduces Musical Guest
  • Musical Guest: 3rd Storee - "If Ever"

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