Guest Backstreet Boys
Premiere April 23, 1999
Prod. No. 516
  • Green Room: Merlin the Wizard appears in the Green Room, along with a huge swordfish in a large stone. Merlin promises that whoever pulls the swordfish out will be rewarded with a "ton of gold." Kenan, Kel, and Nick all try it, but fail. Danny appears and easily pulls the swordfish out of the stone...and a literal ton of gold falls from the ceiling and buries him!
  • Stuart becomes a judge, and starts annoying convicts and the bailiff (Kenan) until it is discovered that he had replaced the real judge (Christy).
  • Vital Information with Danny Tamberelli
  • A Barber (Leon) leaves his son (Kel) in charge of his barber shop, features the return of Earboy.
  • Everyday French with Pierre Escargot
  • A bank is attacked by a robber (Christy) ...but it's Detective Dan to the rescue! Unfortunately, he accuses everyone but the bank robber (who is dressed in a ski mask and carrying money) of committing the crime. Dan eventually decides that HE is the real robber, and so throws himself out the window!
  • Dont Do This at School
  • Mavis and Clavis introduce Musical Guest: Backstreet Boys - "I Want It That Way"

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Joey McIntyre 3rd Storee
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