Guest Joey McIntyre
Premiere April 17, 1999
Prod. No. 515
  • Green Room: Amanda loses her voice, so Kel, Mark, and Christy search for it. They eventually find it in a jar...but when Amanda drinks the jar's contents, she prepares to rush out and conquer the world. It was EVIL Amanda's voice!
  • Some kids (Danny, Mark, and Leon) trip to the beach is ruined by the arrival of Miss Piddlin, who tries to force everyone to eat peas. She builds a "Pea Castle" as opposed to a sand castle, rubs peas all over everyone for sunscreen, and even saves a life of a swimmer (Nick) with a "Life Pea-server!"
  • Vital information with Danny Tamberelli
  • Seymour Reacts to Stuff: Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road
  • Coach Kreeton is a substitute teacher on the day of the Science Fair. Every project-including a set of motion-transfer orbs and a volcano ends up hurting the Coach in surprising and painful ways. One student (Mark) zaps him with a high powered laser beam.
  • Everyday French with Pierre Escargot
  • Ask Ashley
  • Don't Do This at School
  • Francis the Caveman tells caveman jokes on the All That stage and introduces Musical Guest: Joey McIntyre
  • Musical Guest: Joey McIntyre - "Stay the Same"

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