Guest Faith Evans
Premiere January 23, 1999
Prod. No. 506
  • Green Room: Kenan, Kel and Danny walk into the Green Room to discover that everything is in black and white! They, along with Amanda and Leon, try to solve the problem. A helpful rocket scientist appears and figures out the issue-the "Color Switch" is off!
  • You Can't Win: Jerry Fytootal has three new challengers: Arnie Fishback (Mark), Lester Oaks, Construction Worker, and Helga Schlumpkenfist (Danny). Lester Oaks quits the game after realizing Jerry isn't letting them win. Helga loses because she accidentally exceeds the number of meatballs she must eat; she eats 403 meatballs as opposed to the 400 she has to. She then proceeds to viciously assault Jerry, and declare herself the winner.
  • Vital Information with Danny Tamberelli
  • Ask Ashley
  • The funding for Dullmont's Music Class is cut short-on the same day that Principal Pimpell becomes mysteriously rich. He takes all of the kids' instruments, but the music teacher (Danny) tells the students that they do not need real instruments to make music. The kids play such items as a girl's head, a tongue, a pair of erasers, a straw, and even a pile of mud to perform the 1812 Overture.
  • Leroy & Fuzz: Fuzz tries to tell Leroy that teeth brushing can be fun...until Leroy demonstrates a new toothbrush-a high-powered sander!
  • Pierre Introduces Musical Guest: Faith Evans "Love Like This"

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