Guest Monica
Premiere January 16, 1999
Prod. No. 505
  • Green Room: Kenan, Mark, Amanda and Danny eat some fortune cookies. All of the fortunes describe extremely lucky things that will the very near future, except Danny's.
  • The Spice Boys: Recording Session
  • Vital Information with Danny Tamberelli
  • Yearbook Photographer-Stuart ruins student's yearbook photos. He shaved some of Bingo's (Nick) afro, took a picture of Amanda with an iguana, freaked Danny out when he fell in love with the camera, and also ate the camera. The students get Ms. Klump to inform her he ruined picture day, and then they find the real yearbook photographer (Josh). When Stuart leaves, the real yearbook photographer decides to reschedule picture day at Dullmont because he had to pay for the camera that Stuart ate.
  • Whateverrr!: Gina and Jessica hold The Leo Party
  • Musical Guest: Monica "Angel of Mine"

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Shaquille O'Neal Faith Evans
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