Guest Blackstreet, Mýa
Premiere December 12, 1998
Prod. No. 501

All That's fifth season ran from December 12, 1998, to October 16, 1999. The season contained 21 episodes with a 100th episode midway through the season.

Lori Beth Denberg left the series at the end of the previous season. Danny Tamberelli succeeded her in the Vital Information sketch, and Tamberelli was given a new set and a new desk unlike that of Denberg's Vital Information.

Featured cast members Victor Cohn-Lopez and Zach Mclemore were both dropped from the show; producers then hired Nick Cannon and Mark Saul. This would be the final season for Kel Mitchell and Kenan Thompson. Mitchell was absent for 3 episodes, due to filming Mystery Men.



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