Guest K-Ci & Jojo
Premiere March 14, 1998
Prod. No. 418
  • Green Room: The Cast build a Robo-Danny to replace the real one and he can do everyone's sketches better than them.
  • It's Coach Kreeton's birthday, and the rest of the Dullmont Faculty decide to throw him a surprise party, which gets off to a bad start when the coach immediately falls out a window before the festivities. Things continue to go wrong when Tandy Spork shoves his face into his own cake, and Miss Fingerly's attempts to sing a song ends when Kreeton destroys her guitar. However, the coach is genuinely thrilled to see his present--a functioning antique cannon!...that is, until he sticks his body inside and (literally) loses his head.
  • Peter and Flem


  • In reruns, this episode's musical performance was replaced with an extra "Vital Information" sketch, although K-Ci & JoJo remain in the opening credits.

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