Guest Backstreet Boys
Premiere January 7, 1998
Prod. No. 410
  • Green Room: Christy starts falling asleep at extremely inconvenient times so the others have to recharge her.
  • I Luv Lucy: In an I Love Lucy parody, Amanda is Lucy, Victor Cohn-Lopez is Ricky, Kenan is Fred, and Lori Beth is Ethel. In this episode, Lucy buys a new hat, but Ricky says they cannot afford it-so Lucy sticks a trophy on her head instead. While she and Ethel go to get it off, Ricky and Fred intercept a phone call from "Big Hollywood Movie Producer", who wants to make a movie with Ricky! The men go off to prepare and the producer comes in, making himself comfortable. Unfortunately, Lucy and Ethel think he's a burglar, and attack him with fists of fury and kitchen utensils.
  • Peter & Flem

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