Guest Spice Girls
Premiere Januray 3, 1998
Prod. No. 408
  • Green Room: Amanda shows off some unique magic tricks. Such as turning Kel's $100 bill into an artichoke, making Lori Beth bald, and turning Kevin into a monkey.
  • Jimmy Bond Agent 1/7 meets Hot Toe (Christy) a villain with a molten big toe. Coldfinger returns where he collaborates with Hot Toe, and the two plan to conquer the planet by touching their elemental extremities together. However, the day is saved when their plot simply results in transforming Jimmy into a pig.
  • The Cast can't find Amanda when it times for "Ask Ashley" and discover she's sitting in the audience watching the show, or is she?
  • Show & Tell: Kel brings in The Spice Girls to show and tell.

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