Guest Wyclef Jean
Premiere December 13, 1997
Prod. No. 404
  • Green Room: The cast members are "trapped" in a giant cage, thanks to the new studio security guard who doesn't believe them when they tell him they're the stars of the show
  • Good Burger: When Mr. Baily (the manager of Good Burger) needs to get a haircut, he chooses Ed to be the replacement manager since he has worked at the restaurant longest. While there, he annoys customers, including one little girl (Amanda). She decides to get her father to handle the problem. He turns out to be a large, scary biker! Thankfully, then Mr. Bailey comes back just as the biker asks where the manager is. Ed points out the real one, who suffers a painful beating! Featuring: Former Cast Members Alisa Reyes and Tricia Dickson
  • C. J. & the Cloudy Knights must get prepared for their performance (featuring Zachary McLemore)

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Tommy Davidson/Robyn Dru Hill
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