Guest MC Lyte
Premiere October 18, 1997
Prod. No. 356
  • Green Room: The cast members receive the wrong dinner orders, including a wig, spaghetti and golfballs, a fire hose, mistaking brown mustard for mustard and a foot! They throw their food at Kenan Thompson, who puts Josh Server's foot in his cheeseburger with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, mayonnaise and brown mustard.
  • You Can't Win: The game show where no one can win, hosted by Jerry Fytootal (Josh). The panelists are Megan (Amanda Bynes); Shelley (Alisa Reyes); and Antoine (Kenan). Near the end of the sketch, Antoine gets "an entire ten seconds" to consume a big bowl of vanilla pudding; with 1½ seconds left, though, he dumps it on top of Jerry's head and bolts, laughing and smiling.
  • Vital Information with Lori Beth Denberg
  • Class Disruptions
  • Mavis and Clavis accidentally get Amanda & Josh arrested while doing a sketch. So they perform The Isley Brothers' hit "Shout" in the audience
  • Antoine Introduces Musical Guest: MC Lyte – "Cold Rock a Party"

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Monica Erykah Badu
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