Guest Montell Jordan
Premiere November 23, 1996
Prod. No. 339
  • Green Room: It starts out with Kenan Thompson throwing darts at a picture of Kevin. Kevin is fired-and they have a new stage manager. Surprisingly, the kids find themselves missing him! They decide to find him and get him his job back after Kevin got a new job as a bathroom manager.
  • The Adventures of Superdude: Mark Cant and Penny Lane (Alisa) are at the supermarket when some bullies begin to make fun of them. They torment Mark by throwing him in a display of tomatoes, who runs into a women's bathroom...and a few seconds later, Superdude appears! He easily dispatches the bullies. Once they are gone, a delivery man appears with a giant tub of yogurt-which contains Yo Gurl, the dairy vixen! Superdude is knocked out for a while, but the Explaining Girl appears from inside the dairy display and cleans him up with a moist towelette. Superdude then uses his "cold breath" to transform Yo Gurl into a frozen treat, which all of the supermarket patrons eat!
  • Vital Information with Lori Beth Denberg
  • When the captain (Kenan) of a spaceship is trapped outside, the other members of the crew (Josh and Katrina) try to repair the door. Repairman falls from the ceiling and takes a stick of dynamite to the hatch, blowing half the spaceship up! He then "repairs" the captain's jet pack, which sends him flying into space without a helmet! The other astronauts escape just as Repairman begins to use a saw to destroy everything.
  • Everyday French With Pierre Escargot
  • Show & Tell: A student (Josh) shows his Chicken Pox and gives his classmates the chicken pox. Others include a student's penny collection to make the students asleep and a student's lead pipe to hurt the class
  • Vital Introduction Musical Guest: Montell Jordan – "I Like"

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