Guest IV Xample
Premiere March 16, 1996
Prod. No. 235
  • Green Room: The audience has some odd requests for the cast members.
  • Good Burger: Ed is haunted on Saturday the 14th by a ghost manager of Good Burger.
  • Principal Pimpell, Miss Fingerly & Coach Kreeton try to figure out who stole the Dullmont mascot, The Fighting Salmon. The number one suspect in the crime is Earboy! Coach Kreeton and Miss Fingerly put the giant-eared teen through the paces of a kangaroo trial, and assume his guilt on ridiculous charges. Thankfully, H. Ross Perot comes to the rescue by providing a mountain of salmon to the school and buying off Coach Kreeton, who promptly loses his new fortune when he's hit by a car.
  • Did You Hear?
  • Peter & Flem
  • Vital Intro [[Category:Musical Guests|musical guest: IV Xample - "This is From the Fool"

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Shai Good Burger Special
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