Guest Silk
Premiere March 2, 1996
Prod. No. 233
  • Green Room: For some reason, the writers' sketches have to do with bananas! The kids investigate...and find that monkeys are doing all of the work!
  • Superdude has to protect Dullmont Jr. High when Milkman is found innocent in a court case (a parody of the infamous O.J. Simpson trial). When Milkman shows up with some thugs armed with milk-filled squirt guns, Superdude is forced to surrender. The dairy-based villain then blasts Superdude with a machine that drains his superpowers and turns him into a little boy, who is promptly shoved into a locker. As Milkman gloats, the students and staff decide to fight back--a nerd (Kel Mitchell) grabs the machine and throws it to Penny Lane (Angelique Bates), who reverses it and restores Superdude. When the thugs try to shoot their milk at the hero, Miss Fingerly rushes to the rescue by blocking the streams with her body and chasing them off. Superdude then gives Milkman a taste of his own power-draining medicine, and the day is saved.
  • Vital Information with Lori Beth Denberg
  • All those who aren't quiet in Ms. Hushbaum's library will get in serious trouble. They may even have to deal with the noisy popcorn that Ms. Hushbaum is making while everyone tries to study.
  • Everyday French With Pierre Escargot
  • Falafil, the Genie of the Root Beer Can
  • Peter & Flem
  • Pierre Escargot introduces musical guest: Silk - "Hooked on You"

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Faith Evans Shai
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