Guest Terry Ellis
Premiere February 10, 1996
Prod. No. 231
Wizard of Cos
  • Green Room: The kids (Kenan Thompson, Kel Mitchell, Katrina Johnson and Alisa Reyes) have a bubble blowing contest before the show and Katrina's BIG bubble explodes and covers the green room with pink gum.
  • The students visit Coach Kreeton at the hospital and make him feel even worse!
  • Vital Information with Lori Beth Denberg
  • The Wizard of Cos: In this parody of The Wizard of Oz, Auntie Boo (Alisa) and Uncle Lizzie (Dan Schneider) tell Dorothy that she must take a shower, even though she doesn't want to. After wondering "Why Must I Take a Shower?", Katrina is hit on the head by a windowsill and passes out. She later awakens in the colorful land of Cos, where she meets Mr. MacToad (Josh Server), a kindly man with a hideous toad-like face. Dorothy realizes that she really does need a shower after all; Galisa, the magical Purple Woman (Lori Beth Denberg), tells her to "Follow That Fellow MacToad" to meet the Great and Powerful Cos. Along the way, Dorothy and Mr. MacToad meet Pasta-Mon (Kel), a Pastafarian man made entirely of noodles--but he has no sauce. All three reach the Great and Powerful Cos's brownstone apartment, where they discover that he is none other than Bill Cosby (Kenan). After hearing their plight, Cosby agrees to help by giving Pasta-Mon a bowl of pudding and telling him to add some ground beef to make a sauce, then sticking a brown paper bag on Mr. MacToad's head (which, he explains, will make everyone else happy). But Cosby's inane rambling about peanuts, avocados, and underpants can't help Dorothy get clean; Galisa reappears and tells her that all she needs to do is slap her own face repeatedly while saying "There's no place like my shower!". She does so and awakens back in her own bathtub, where her family (including her cousins played by Josh, Kel, and Kenan) welcome her as she promises to never run away again.
  • Lemonade Scammer: Little Katrina offers some police officers free doughnuts--but they are filled with peanut butter! The men must pay $30 each to get a glass of lemonade and clear their throats. She then offers plain doughnuts--but these have a price tag of $100 each!
  • Miss Fingerly & her Class introduce musical guest: Terry Ellis - "Wherever You Are"

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