Guest Diana King
Premiere January 13, 1996
Prod. No. 227
  • Green Room: The cast members play a game of basketball before the show. But this basketball is very special. If a cast member makes a basket after making a wish, the wish will come true! The kids have fun abusing this special power.
  • While teaching a wrestling class, Coach Kreeton is being driven crazy by his students.
  • Vital Information with Lori Beth Denberg
  • Earboy thinks that girls will like him if he knows how to dance. H. Ross Perot teaches him "The Rossy Shuffle"
  • Lemonade Scammer: An extremely thirsty customer begs for a drink. Katrina dumps a pitcher of lemonade on him...and charges a ridiculous price of ninety bucks!
  • Peter and Flem: Shows a life of differences between Peter (Kel) and Flem (Josh).
  • Ross Perot meets Diana King
  • Ross Perot introduces musical guest: Diana King - "Shy Guy"

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