Guest Xscape
Premiere Jauary 6, 1996
Prod. No. 226
  • Green Room: The kids brew some new drinks, and there are unique side effects, such as giving Kel Mitchell temporary invisibility and turning Kevin into a little girl.
  • The Adventures of Superdude: Mark Cant's movie theater date with Penny Lane is interrupted by bullies, so Mark transforms into Superdude to take them out. Things get worse when Butterboy, Milkman's "butter-in-law," arrives. With some help from the Explaining Girl, Superdude overcomes his lactose intolerance and melts the buttery baddie with his heat vision.
  • Bad Breath 3: A movie advertising a student with extremely bad breath. It's even worse than Bad Breath 1 and 2!
  • Lumpco Toy Co.: A toy company invents some crazy new toys.
  • Everyday French With Pierre Escargot
  • A little girl named Becky (Katrina Johnson) wants to spend some time with her older sister Karen (Alisa Reyes), but she has a date with her boyfriend, Bryan (Josh Server). The girl proceeds to ruin the date with nasty tricks, such as putting hot sauce in his soda, tying his shoelaces together, putting a cactus on his seat, and pouring itching powder down his neck.
  • Peter & Flem
  • Superdude introduces musical guest: Xscape - "Who Can I Run To"

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