Guest Monica
Premiere October 14, 1995
Prod. No. 217
  • Green Room: The cast members pretend to be the director in order to trick Kevin into doing embarrassing things, such as drinking a bottle of hot sauce with no water, smacking his own face, and going into the Tiger Room.
  • Ishboo celebrates his birthday in unusual ways.
  • Island Girls: Fran (Lori Beth Denberg) and Kiki (Alisa Reyes) are stuck on a deserted island. Fran wants to get off the island but has to put up with the stupidity of Kiki. Therefore, they are unsuccessful.
  • Everyday French With Pierre Escargot
  • Detective Dan: A wealthy woman's jewelry is stolen--but don't worry, because it's Detective Dan to the rescue! Unfortunately, the incompetent Dan ruins the case by allowing the obviously-guilty butler to escape.
  • Vital Information: Monica seems to have taken over the Vital Information desk. But then, Lori Beth eventually shows up and dismisses her, telling her that she will have to sing a song as punishment for the coup.
  • Vital Information introduces Musical Guest: Monica - "Don't Take It Personal (Just One of Dem Days)"

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