Guest Aftermath
Premiere April 1, 1995
Action League 2
  • Green Room: The cast members are throwing a huge party in the Green Room. Whenever Kevin and the producer come in, though, they scramble to hide their party goods.
  • Surprise Marty: His friends and family are throwing a surprise party for him, but every surprise just causes Marty to faint.
  • Urkel's Holiday Hits
  • Vital Information with Lori Beth Denberg
  • Coach Kreeton Teaches Volleyball
  • Miss Fingerly is annoyed by a rude student (Angelique Bates). She tells her that at school, she should behave the way she does at home. The next day Ms. Fingerly comes into the room and sees her student in a bathrobe, sitting in a recliner and getting cable hooked up.
  • Action League Now!: "Stinky on Ice"
  • The whole cast introduce musical guest: Aftermath featuring Kel Mitchell - "Chillin'".

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